What You Need To Know About Electric Vehicle Conversions

Building an electric vehicle for you has many advantages. An EV (electric vehicle) has very low running cost, which is 10 times lesser than that of a gasoline powered vehicle. Even at places where energy charges are quite high, you can save at least 5 times on fuel costs than you save on a gasoline car. Electric cars are maintenance free because the engine setup does not involve many complicated mechanisms. You can run an electric car for many years and the batteries will last for a very long period with proper maintenance.

EV conversions are very straightforward tasks on most sedans and trucks. To build your own electric car, you first need to choose a donor vehicle, which can be your existing vehicle also. However, it is important to choose a donor car that is well known for electric car conversion because there are many car brands that haven’t got converted in the past and if you choose such a car, you will have to invent many things by yourself. With the right donor car, it is a lot easier.

Once you choose the donor car, these are the Entergy  steps to be followed in the conversion:

1. Find The Right Motor– In electric cars, engines will be replaced with motors. There are many conversions kits available and their power output, range etc vary. First you need to find out the different types of kits that you can get for your car and which one suits your needs.

2. The Conversion Center– If you are not planning to do the conversion by yourself, you can approach a conversion center. Reading customer reviews at various websites will help you to find a good conversion center close to your home.

3. Battery– In an electric car, the most important part are the batteries because batteries determine how long you can drive it and what features you can have. Lithium-ion batteries are excellent performers but at this point, they are expensive and there are not many evidences to suggest that a lithium-ion kit will last longer. Lead acid battery packs on the other hand are quite inexpensive but have limited power output. For lead acid batteries, a DC conversion is the best possible setup.

4. The Right Kit– A conversion kit usually include the motor, controller and other accessories while batteries are sold separately. Even if you buy a conversion kit that is designed for your specific car, there are chances for you to encounter issues while conversion. This is very natural but sources your kit from an agency where they have an excellent customer assistance system so that it will be a lot easier for you to source the missing components.

These are the most important parts in converting a gasoline car to an electric car. If you can find stories about people who have converted the same car that you have, you can find many resourceful information that will make your conversion a lot easier.