The Factual Idea Of Love

You can’t get lost in the confusion of what love is if you don’t want to be confused. Each person has a different idea of what love is and no two are alike. Two people can be romantically involved if they share some elements of their love ideas. Love is more than just a feeling to me. As a young girl, I watched the news about suicides and murders committed by people for love.

I was convinced that love could be a horrible disease that you can catch. It was contagious, meaning you can’t help but get it when you have it. It could cause a bizarre euphoric series symptoms, such as stomach butterflies, lightheadedness, or a complete inability to function normally.

As I get older, I’ve learned that love is not a debilitating condition. You don’t need to be damaged by love. While many argue that love is the force of nature, I see it as something that separates us and nature. I have had some very difficult moments in my relationships and thought, “If we were alone in the desert, this relationship would work.” This statement was absurd at the time, but I now know that any loving relationship can be successful despite external factors. trial separation boundaries

There are often other issues competing for your attention, including parenting and monetary concerns. These are the test of a relationship as they demonstrate how committed you are. Love is more than a feeling. It is a commitment that the other person will be happy, regardless of any obstacles.

Another wonderful idea about love is that it is not a collection of emotions, but a sacrifice. If they were free, the words “I love” would not be as meaningful. Although it is true that cars, gold and diamonds are the best options for love, it doesn’t have to be this way. Truth is that love requires some sacrifice in every way. You may have to give up your time and freedom in order to spend quality time with your partner. You might also have to let go of your pride to forgive him.

You have the power to choose love. Are you a believer in the idea of love? It is a common illusion that love is an inexpressible emotion that can’t be overcome. This is wrong because you cannot commit to a feeling, but you can choose to commit to it. As you get older, it becomes clear that love is more than a feeling.

It’s a choice. It’s more than infatuation and hormonal influence. While passion can come and go, it should not affect your relationship. It would be a shame to hear “I love your since I have no other choice” spoken. It’s high time to let go of the artificial notion of love that is often shaped by society. Accept the true ideas of love.