The Canvas Print Montage and Other Montage Gifts

Ever thought it’s about time we got back to buying gifts for boys that don’t involve a wireless controller? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get them something that doesn’t begin with an ‘i’? After all, it wasn’t that long ago boys were chuffed to be given a nice book or something to help with their creative streak. Thankfully, all is not lost. And actually, the ante’s been cranked up a notch or two. Basically, online today you’ll find a whole range of boys’ gifts that can be personalised to give it that little extra ‘something’. Think about it – what young lad wouldn’t love seeing his name in print? Below you’ll find just a few of the many ideas.

One particularly popular option is the personalised gifts for dog lovers australia children’s books. They feature all your boy’s favourite characters, from Toy Story and Finding Nemo, to Spider-Man and Dora the Explorer. Sesame Street’s in there, too, as is SpongeBob Square Pants and loads of others as well. What you get to do is personalise the book so the three main characters throughout each story are the names of your choosing. Just as impressively, you’ll even get to write a message and personalise your kid’s hair, eye colour and skin tone.

Some other great gift ideas for boys revolve around school. Okay, so we realise most boys only like being there while they’re kicking a ball round the playground, but with these suggestions they might just warm to it a bit. First things first, you’ve got personalised lunchboxes and lunchbags. Just like the books, these feature all your boy’s ‘bestest’ characters, but with their name on the front it’ll be something to make his friends envious. Second of all, budding artists would love the prospect of their own stationery set. Along with a few other bits and bobs, it comes with 38 personalised pens and a pencil case. It’d be the perfect accompaniment to an art folder or notebook with his name on the front.

And last but by no means least, you’ll find football gifts for boys are seemingly never ending. You’ve got football money banks, jigsaws, training courses, posters, calendars, spoof magazine and newspaper covers, and even the chance for him to grow his own little patch of football pitch. The majority of these can be customised with his name, too, so it really does make it that little bit special.