Jim Richards and a brief history of his work in the field of Finance

In the field of Investment,who has not heard about the veteran investment analyst Jim Rickards? He was an economist, a portfolio manager, and a lawyer. Jim Rickards worked with Caxton associates, Long-Term Capital Management, and city bank. For detailed information about this investment guru, you can checkout who is Jim Rickards by bankingsupport.info


Here is some more information about Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards is primarily associated with Investment and banking sector. However, he can also be labeled as an economist, speaker, media personality, and writer. His writings are focused on financial topics and precious metals. He hails from New Hampshire.

Jim Rickards was on the board of advisors of the economic and financial power center. It was at the Foundation for the defense of Democracy. He directed James Rickards’s project. It delves into antiquities of geopolitics and global capital.

He even wrote seven books. Some of which are New York Times bestsellers. One book he wrote is Currency wars: creating the next Global crisis. He wrote for the New York Times, The Financial Times, and Evening Standards.

He is now an editor of newsletters for Paradigm Press publishing company. He even predicts the capital market and the economy in Strategic Intelligence.


Here is something aboutthe Career and education of Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards went to  Lower Cape May Regional High School, New Jersey. He graduated in the year 1969. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1973. Then he went for his Master’s degree in International Economics, which was in Paul H. He completed his Master’s in the year 1974. He was honored with a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. New York University School of Law became another destination for completing his education. He completed his LL.M. from there.You can also check who Jim Rickards is by bankingsupport.info​.


Some of his investment strategies and Books

His love for precious metals made him conclude that the U.S. dollar was likely to see hyperinflation. The best solution for that was iron hoarding. He promoted long-term investments in the federal reserve system. Following are the books that he wrote

  • Currency wars
  • The Death of Money
  • Road to ruins
  • The Great crash
  • A new case for gold
  • Aftermath
  • The New Great Depression



Jim got into consultation work. He is a great mind in the history of Investors. People like him are valued all over the Investment market. This article was a brief introduction to him. For more information, go to who is Jim Rickards by bankingsupport.info​.