How to Make the Most of Messages on


As a user, you can always report issues to Instagram anonymously. If you are not sure where to go for help, you can always contact Instagram’s helpline. The company’s responders are located all over the world, and they will be able to assist you. Instagram is also there to offer tiaps and advice on the app. You can find them by searching for “help” on the homepage of the app.

However, if you are unsure where to find help, you can also contact one of your friends.

Photos and videos

If you want your photos to appear on Instagram, you need to know the right size. Instagram supports both square and rectangular photos, but you may want to consider using the recommended size for each platform. The ideal size for Instagram photos is 1080px wide by 495px tall. If you’re unsure what size you need, check out Later’s cropping tool. It will even recommend a ratio that’s perfect for Instagram. The size of the photos displayed in an Instagram gallery is based on the ratio, which is the number of pixels spanning a picture. Keeping this in mind is essential for quality and full visibility.


If you’re using Instagram, you might have noticed the integration of Messenger and Messages on Instagram. Messenger offers the same functionality, but for Instagram, it’s a more convenient way to communicate with friends. If you’re also using Facebook, you can now send and receive messages on both platforms. But which one is better? Read on to find out more. This article will explain which method is best for your needs. And keep reading for some helpful tips to make the most of the Messenger app.

Direct messaging

Businesses have a lot to gain by using Instagram Direct messaging. It makes customer interaction with businesses more convenient and efficient. However, there are also some additional rules to follow. For instance, if a customer has a problem, they must be able to reach out to a human agent within a specified timeframe. Acceptable methods include enabling handoff to a human agent, leaving a phone number and/or email, prompting a physical visit to the store and so on.

Poll stickers

If you’ve ever wanted to create a poll for your Instagram story, you’ve probably come across Instagram poll stickers. These small stickers can be dragged around the screen to place them where you want them. They can also be sized down to make them smaller. When displaying your poll in your story, you can also include a link in the poll’s caption to direct your audience to the poll. There are several benefits to using Instagram poll stickers, and we’ll explore some of them here.

Profile tab

On the Instagram profile page, you can switch between your multiple profiles. You can also switch between the various tabs, including posts, Reels, IGTV, and tagged posts. You can also turn on or off post notifications, allowing you to stay on top of recent updates. The profile tab also displays notifications from other accounts, and the red dot indicates unread posts. This is helpful for managing multiple profiles at once. To get started, head over to your profile page and tap the profile tab.


The search bar on the Instagram website is accessible without registering. To access the search bar, type the user name after the web address of the Instagram website. An example of this would be the profile of the U.S. Surgeon General. Once in a user’s profile, the user can use the search bar to search for other users, posts, hashtags, and geotagged locations. The search results are sorted according to relevance and popularity.