How to Contact Fesco From any City of Pakistan

If you want to contact FESCO for your queries, complaints, suggestions or any other related things, you can call on these numbers. They are given below:

Note: All the numbers are in Lahore however if there is no number available for your city then you need to contact nearest FESCO office by yourself.

Lahore Metro Bus Service Helpline Phone Numbers

CALL CENTER:5288777-88 (Call Center)


City & Tehsil Contact Number        

Deputy General Manager – I(Operations) 02-9247 2

Deputy General Manager -II(Administration)02-9246 3 

Assistant General Managers (Operations) 03507827939 4 

Assistant General Manager (Finance) 03004164209 5 

Deputy Chief Auditor 0612972737 6 

Metrolink Express Bus Service Line 111-747 7 

Inspection Cell  Inquiry & Complaint Management System 01039410001 9 

General Inquiry01744500001

Transfer Request 05133422802  

Freight Claim Form J.K.Mills, FESCO Ltd.042-111 23288 12 Stores Issue/Receipt/Forwarding to Depot 09234435500 

Power Failure Report 01126722609 

Store Officer 042-111 23288 

Manager Cargo 01744500001 

Warehouse Supervisor – I  01039410001 

Quota/Slack/Over Due Billing Inquiry 0092-21-992151395 

Quota Superintendent 01126722609 

Supervisor Cargo 02162221263 20 

Freight Claims Inquiry 03004164209

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