Basic Rules of Snooker

Playing snooker is indeed a fun activity that the whole family can do. It is an activity that friends can bond with each other. An entertainment hall will surely be full of laughter and joy if a snooker table can be found as it is one game that a lot of people really enjoy to do. But you can only fully enjoy the game of snooker if the table is in good state, clean and functional. Cleaning the table is not World snooker championship prize money  that hard anyway. Just think about it, if you would not want to play in a dirty golf course, surely, you will be disgusted to play in a dirty snooker table. To make sure that you will play with a clean table, some important tips will surely help you in doing it right.


Some tools are really necessary for you to completely clean the table. To clean the felt, you may need a brush, vacuum and a special felt cleaner. The wood part of the table may need damp and dry cloth. You may also use polish to make it look like a new table. So you have to gather all of them before you can clean the table. These are the most important tools that you will surely need.


For sure, debris and dust have already accumulated on the felt of the table. What you need to do is to brush it off. In brushing, make sure that the brush is soft or else it will damage the felt of the table. Also, you need to follow a vertical line to ensure that the felt will remain in good condition as always. Brush and gather all the debris on one corner. Then you may dust them off in one of the pockets of the table.


Sometimes, brushing the table is not really enough. There are debris or dust that remain intact with the felt. One tool that you can use is a vacuum. Vacuum those areas that are hard to reach to ensure that all the dust and debris are removed efficiently.


It is really inevitable sometimes that drinks may spill over the snooker table. This will cause stain for sure. You cannot just remove this by using a damp cloth. Thus, you may use a special felt cleaner to loosen the stain and remove it with a damp cloth. But you have to let the cleaner stay on the felt for sometime too. After, you have to dry it up with a cloth. Wipe the lower part of the table with a cloth. You may apply a polish for sure. This will make the table look new and cool.