About LED Strips 4 – The Eternal Debate – SMD3528 Vs SMD5050

SMD 3528 versus SMD 5050, those are the two kinds of chips generally utilized in strips these days, and it is fundamental to recognize which one is utilized for each situation since that will affect on the cost obviously additionally on the exhibition. So what are their highlights and contrasts?

SMD 3528 strips LED adaptable are a medium result, low hotness LED bite the dust. In 5 meter reels with 300 chips they for the most part produce between 120 to 220lm/m (in Pure White) which is to the point of projecting an even light level roughly 300mm (1′) from where it is mounted. A few producers offer Ultra White forms which can present to 360lm/m. The normal power utilization for this kind of LED SMD Strip is 5W/m. Be that as it may, enormous makers offer additionally higher thickness reels, with 600 chips for every 5 meter reel, which convey up to 440lm/m (in Pure White), which can go significantly higher to 720lm/m for makers with Ultra White renditions. The power utilization for this situation is around 10W/m. Most 3528 LED strips can be cut each 3 LED modules, or 50mm (2″) for 300 chip reels and 25mm (1″) for 600 chip reels. SMD3528 is a solitary shading LED strip lighting arrangement. As far as value, they are the less expensive choice.

SMD 5050 adaptable strip LED are a high power, higher hotness SMD LED choice. They are likewise regularly alluded as triple center strips (when looking carefully three changed regions can be distinguished on the chip). Strips utilizing this sort of SMD LED adaptable strip typically have a more extensive assortment of choices, being the most widely recognized the ordinary thickness reels with 30 chips for each meter (360lm/m in Pure White) and a power utilization of around 7,5W/m however a few makers offer additionally higher densities, regularly in more limited reels, like 3 meter, with 60 chips for every meter, conveying an astounding 720lm/m in Pure White with a Power Consumption of around 14,5W/m. As may be obvious, SMD 5050 can offer a light result more than 3 times that of the 3528 strip and hence the 5050 LED is appropriate for illuminating regions that might be liable to undeniable degrees of encompassing light. 5050 LED strip can likewise be utilized as a swap for fluorescent cylinder overall errand lighting and in light boxes. Therefore, consistently, they are more costly, yet for establishments with high glow necessities they are liked since their expense per lumen is for the most part lower.

Also, the 5050 strip is accessible in both single tone and RGB shading change models. The shading change variant requires extra control however can create a large number of various tones, so observing the right shade or blend is a straightforward matter of programming.